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If there’s a bright center to the universe, you’re on the planet that it’s farthest from.

star wars meme: [1/2] planets - tatooine

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My bread baking bone breaking badass for Jenn Woodall’s FIGHT! zine!
Because nothing beats some hot ‘n crusty bread.

I made the gif just for kicks, but it’s wonky in places because it took waaaay longer than I planned for and I had to stop! Overall though, this has been probably one of the funnest pieces for me to draw. Definitely influenced by my everlasting love of Kiki’s Delivery Service & not-so-secret desire to live in a bakery. I wanna do more food-themed fighters!

Prints available from my Inprnt store.

I love this fighter so much and also I really want some delicious fresh bread. Ah man, this is so perfect!!

samhiti - The world NEEDS Fist-a-cuffs.





We all want to be model

Why did they put clothing on a refrigerator?????

see it’s funny because I’M BIG and REFRIGERATORS are BIG. it’s a joke, do you get it? because refrigerators are big. and i am also big. the joke is based on the comparison between the two. because, you see, refrigerators are large.

and get this

i am ALSO large.

and furthermore, refrigerators are known for how much space they take up. and, if you’ll notice, i do too. 

both of us are big, so it’s funny

do you not

why aren’t you laughing yet?

because, see me? i’m big. like a refrigerator

it’s funny because we’re the same

i don’t know how i can make this any clearer

two things are big: one is a refrigerator, and the other is me

ugh this humor is too sophisticated for you

The outfit was cute, but then I scrolled down and the response was so amazing. You are fantastic.

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Jardley Jean-Louis.

Illustrations by Queens, New York based artist Jardley Jean-Louis:

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places you won’t believe exist 

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Siberian Architecture

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in an industry where black males are seen as aggressive and monstrous, the character who is literally ‘a monster’ is a sensitive yet level headed kid. the fandom needs to talk about Boyd. always.

#I WANT THIS ON EVERY FUCKING TEEN WOLF BLOG #fuckers lets talk about how Boyd is 1000x more sensitive than Isaac #that doesn’t happen on TV shows okay #and then he gets turned werewolf and he is STILL extremely sensitive #but Boyd is calm and level headed for the most part okay #I just wanna point out that Boyd is the exact opposite of every stereotype set out for black males #WHICH IS WHY I need Boyd to be talked about in the fandom #which is why Boyd is an amazing character to have on a show about monsters #the others are constantly aggressive trying to fight their way through problems #but Boyd does A LOT of sitting and watching

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anime directed by Masaaki Yuasa (湯浅政明)

• Mind Game (2004) • Kemonozume (2006) • Kaiba (2008) •
• Tatami Galaxy (2010) • Kick-Heart (2012) • Ping Pong (2014) •

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